Follow the Money

With the first round of the draft over and with running back Adrian Peterson still on the Vikings, Peterson’s agent Ben Dogra makes it appear that he’s changing tactics. Via Kevin Patra at

“‘One of the things that I appreciate with the Vikings is their resolve to say ‘we’re not trading him,’ Dogra told [USA Today‘s Tom Pelissero]. ‘That tells me they value him not only as a football player, but what he’s done for the organization.

“‘I actually, as an agent, not only appreciate it — I accept it. But actions speak louder than words. If that’s going to happen, and you want to keep him, then show him a commitment to make him retire as a Viking. And I haven’t had that solution.’

“Dogra’s public strategy is clearly moving from ‘trade him’ to ‘pay him.'”

Let’s be honest. It’s always been about “pay him”. From beginning to end there was nothing about this that some more guaranteed money wouldn’t have solved.

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