Could Washington Be a Chicago Trade Partner?

Matt Williamson at Scouts Inc. thinks it might be smart for the Washington Redskins to trade back in the draft from thier position at number 10.

They need a quarterback and, given that Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton are likely to be gone, he thinks they might have their eyes on Jake Locker.  Locker’s characteristics do seem to be a good fit for head coach Mike Shanahan and its not impossible that they would prefer him anyway.

The knock on Locker is his accuracy.  His best career completion percentage was 58% and statistically quarterbacks with percentages less than 60 often don’t do well in the NFL.  But Shanahan is a quarterback guru and I’d say if Locker can be successful in the NFL, he’d have as good a chance in Washington as anywhere.

I would agree with Williamson but it would be more Washington’s style to move up from the second round to the bottom of the first round closer to where most think Locker will go.  And most Bear fans know that they might find a very willing trade partner in Chicago.  Depending upon what’s available at 29, trading back is definitely Jerry Angelo‘s MO.

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