New Bear May Only Be Worth the Price

New Bears defensive tackle Brian Price may have passed the Bears physical but that doesn’t mean he’s healthy.  From Sean Jensen at the Chicago Sun-Times:

“According to multiple published reports, Price didn’t complete the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ conditioning test because of a leg injury.”

In reading further about him, I have to say that I’m not enamored with Price.  Most people have a natural tendency to cover their flaws by telling you what they think you want to hear.  So when the mere sight of the Bears training room where he took his physical made Price say this:

“The love of the game is coming back to me.”

it sets off alarms in my head.  Whether its all of the personal problems Price has encountered or his injuries, the fact that he lost “the love of the game” in the first place worries me.  Most people would consider playing the game to be the only good thing in those circumstances.  The game is usually the thing that tends to make players forget their troubles not the other way around.

Bucs rookie head coach Greg Schiano is trying to establish a new culture in Tampa Bay and I’m guessing he quickly picked up the fact that Price needs a heart transplant.  At minimum he’s high maintenance.

The best thing I can say about Price is that he’s low risk in that it only cost the Bears a seventh round pick.  That might be exactly what he’s worth.

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