Michael Bush Knows He Should Have Gone Down

Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune quotes Michael Bush on his late touchdown Sunday.  Cleveland was out of timeouts and the Bears could have run the clock out if he’d gone down short of the end zone:

“‘The line did a great job of blocking and I saw a little crease on the linebacker and I was going to score regardless,’ Bush said. ‘I know that I probably needed to go down, the smart play would have been go down and take a knee. But my plays are limited. I am going to take advantage of the opportunities I have.'”

I was working under the assumption that Bush didn’t go down because he didn’t think of it.  This quote seems to contradict that.

I understand Bush’s situation.  He’s stuck as the backup to Matt Forte and he gets limited touches per game.  He doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to score.  But having said that, no one can be too pleased with the “me first” attitude that this action engenders.

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