Coaching and Job Searches Show Owners Taking More Control, Trouble for Fans

Dan Pompei at the Bleacher Report addresses the Browns coaching search with this interesting nugget:

"The Browns have a group of interviewers dealing with head-coach candidates. Included in the group are team CEO Joe Banner and general manager Mike Lombardi. But the man heading up the interviews and calling the shots, according to a source who knows, is Jimmy Haslam. After the Browns struck out on Rob Chudzinski last year, Haslam wants to make sure they are hiring the person he feels is best for the job this time. Haslam’s involvement could be partial explanation as to why the Browns and Josh McDaniels went separate ways. What’s happening in Cleveland is part of a bigger trend of owners taking more control of their teams.”

Team owners getting involved in the down and dirty aspects of team operations is always trouble. The further down he has to go to "get things right", the worse things get.

If Haslam can’t trust his CEO and his general manager to hire the right coach, his “search” should be for a new CEO.

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