Defensive Line Needs More Size in 2014

John Mullin at addresses the Bears defensive line:

“Strategies: Besides specific personnel decisions, the Bears need to decide whether their defensive front is big enough. Injuries were not the only reason the Bears were being blown off the ball. [Jeremiah] Ratliff (303 pounds) is the only starter bigger than 300, and Stephen Paea, playing at about 290, was not stout enough at nose tackle.”

Mullin has an excellent point. If the Bears decide to go with a hybrid 4-3/3-4 defensive scheme, they will almost certainly need more size on the defensive line, especially if they decide to occasionally go with the classic 3-4 two gap scheme where each lineman is responsible for both gaps on either side of an opposing offensive linemane instead of one gap. Even if they play the more penetrating one gap style of 3-4 favored by coaches like Wade Phillips, they will want more size up front, especially at nose tackle.

Bottom line, when considering the Bears options at this position for 2014, I think we can expect to see the Bears concentrate on bigger defensive linemen.

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