Age is in Your Mind

Dan Pompei at Sports on Earth tells this story of Seattle head coach Pete Carroll:

“True story: At the NFL meetings in Orlando, Fla., a couple weeks ago, one coach of Carroll’s vintage stopped by the bar and complained about his hemorrhoids. And then Carroll walked by with his full head of hair feathered back, and his smooth healthy looking skin. He was wearing an untucked button down shirt over well-fitting jeans with sharp loafers, looking nothing like a football coach. Especially an old football coach.

“I asked Carroll how he does it.  ‘I always think something good is about to happen,’ Carroll said. ‘It’s a general way of looking at the world. I’ve never looked at games and challenges like it’s going to go bad, it’s not going to work out. I don’t see it that way. I think that’s really helped. I don’t live in the gloom of what might go wrong. I live in the glow of what could happen that’s good. That’s been the guiding principle.’”

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