Bears Have to Stay Healthy on Offense to Thrive in 2014

Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune answers your questions:

“What do you think is the more likely scenario: 1) With nearly the same offensive personnel returning, the Bears offense is even better this upcoming season in the second year of the Marc Trestman offense. 2) With a year of the Trestman offense on film for D-coordinators of the league to review more heavily, the Trestman offense will offer fewer surprises and revert to the mean. –Kevin, Chicago

“The Bears were very potent on offense last season, averaging 27.8 points per game to rank second behind the Broncos. Trestman has a better feel for his collection of talent now and certainly there is room for growth across the board on offense. Defenses probably have a better idea of what the Bears are doing too but I don’t see a significant drop off coming, especially if quarterback Jay Cutler remains healthy, which is a legitimate concern. Keep in mind the Bears were very healthy on offense last season with the exception of Cutler, who missed five games. That is always a wild card for every team on both sides of the ball.”

The last point is a huge one and one I’ve been worried about since the season ended. Expectations for the Bears offense are sky high this year but I think its possible that Beas fans should temper them.

Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery all stayed healthy last year. I have my suspicions that Martellus Bennett had some issues but if he did, he played through them. I feel a little better about the offensive line but no one should feel comfortable with the back ups at any of these other positions.

The depth of the talent pool on offense is disturbingly shallow.

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