We’ll Forget It If You Let Us and Other Points of View


  • I wasn’t the only one who raised his eyebrows when the Bears cut wide receiver Eric Weems on Saturday. Rich Campbell at the Chicago Tribune reports:

    “His release comes as a bit of a surprise because he played on all four special teams units and was the Bears’ fourth-leading special teams tackler in 2013. The club is searching for core special teamers in light of their struggles this preseason.”

    I always thought Weems gave good effort on special teams and he stood out on a number of occasions last year. He wasn’t the answer as a kick returner, though, and its obvious that he wasn’t going to give them much as a receiver.

  • Teams are apparently making some adjustments to the new points of emphasis on the rules this season. Making less contact with the receivers down field seems to be the one getting them most attention. From Dan Wiederer at the Chicago Tribune:

    “To adapt to the new emphases, the Browns have spent part of the preseason with their defensive backs wearing kick-boxing gloves at practice, accessories that restrict players’ attempts to grab or use their hands in coverage.

    “Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has had his defensive backs holding tennis balls as a restraint.”

    The video which the NFL has put out to demonstrate the new rules and points of emphasis to the players can be found here. It does a good job of clarifying a number of issues.

  • Campbell and Wiederer discuss the Beas back up quarterback competition. Campbell makes the point that Jordan Palmer may have an advantage in that he’s made a particular effort to stay after practice and get comfortable with many of the receivers. Even though to most eyes Jimmy Clausen has been the better quarterback, this sounds like the kind of thing that might make the difference with a guy like Bears head coach Marc Trestman. Palmer will be first up after Cutler on Friday night.

  • This criticism of Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall seems to be uncalled for. The columnist either hasn’t done his homework or seems determined to overemphasize behavior that we all think is well behind him now.

  • Bears tickets offer the worst value in the NFL. Via Patrick Finley at the Chicago Sun-Times.

One Final Thought

Adam L. Jahns at the Chicago Sun-Times writes yet another article about how safety Chris Conte needs to put 2013 behind him.

We’d all like to do that.

We’ve heard ad nauseum about how much abuse Conte took, particularly after the last play of the last game against the Packers. Enough. It’s a painful episode in the history of the franchise that Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers called “the most satisfying of his career”. I don’t like thinking about it and I don’t like reading about it. It’s done.

If the members of the media will stop bringing it up and rubbing salt in the wound, I think we can all safely promise to forget it. Believe me, there’s nothing I’d like more.

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