Actual Comments from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  1. “Winning that Super Bowl was the worst thing that ever happened to us.  Now we’ll never get rid of McCarthy.”
  2. “Rogers needs to apologize to Favre, Starr and the entire fan base.”
  3. “This may sound blasphemic, but maybe they should slap a retractable roof on Lambeau and take the elements out of play.”
  4. “I wonder if Urban Meyer would be interested in making the jump to the NFL.”
  5. “Thompson should of drafted Roddy White instead of Rodgers and let Brett win another championship instead on intentionaly tanking in 2005.”
  6. “I think Janis slept with McCarthy’s wife.”
  7. “Will be there Thursday. The weather hopefully will wash away some of the stench Favre left.”

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