The Bill Always Comes Due

Kevin Patra at on the bad day that Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant had against Panthers cornerback Josh Norman:

“Norman was clearly in Bryant’s head early. When Panthers safety Kurt Coleman picked off [Dallas quarterback TonyRomo on the first drive of the game, Bryant and Norman stood behind the play yapping when it appeared the Cowboys receiver could have had a chance to stop a touchdown, if he made an effort.”

Wide receivers are, as a group, not known for being level headed. But, as with most things Cowboy, this goes a bit beyond the norm. Add owner and general manager Jerry Jones‘s continued defense of remorseless animal Greg Hardy‘s behaviour towards even his own coaches and Dallas is eccentric to the point where they lack both discipline and character. That lack kept them from overcoming the loss of Romo at quarterback as they lost seven games in a row without him.  And that lack played a big part in killing their slim playoff hopes on Thursday.

You can make a deal with the devil.  But the bill always comes due.

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