Ka’Deem Carey Proving that He May Yet Be a Keeper

Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune notes that Ka’Deem Carey saw fewer runs against the Redskins than he did the couple games previously.

“No carries this week for Ka’Deem Carey and I suspect the reasoning is two-fold. For starters, the Bears only handed the ball off 21 times and there were only 56 offensive plays. They got to him last week against the 49ers because they had 78 snaps.”

The knock on Carey is that he doesn’t play special teams, something most third running backs need to do to keep their jobs. But Carey did see 5 snaps on special teams this week where he had one returned kick.

The Bears might be coming around to the idea that Carey has a future with the team. His activity on special teams will be worth monitoring as the season wears down.

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