Quarterback Escapability Against the Bears an Acceptable Compromise

Steve Rosenbloom at the Chicago Tribune offers this assessment:

“The Bears have allowed TDs on the ground and in the air to Blaine Gabbert and Kirk Cousins in consecutive losses at home, and I’m wondering, is that a condition that qualifies fans for medical marijuana?”

This is a natural result of the fact that the Bears have played more man-to-man defense than they have in the past. With their backs to the quarterback, defensive backs aren’t as likely to be able to see him escape the pocket and help out as they would be in zone. Add that the Bears have chosen to rush the passer with abandon rather than with the discipline that coaches like Lovie Smith thought was necessary to keep the quarterback in the pocket and the result is what you’ve seen the last couple weeks.

It looks to me like the Bears are risking these runs as part of their overall philosophy.  The idea is to get more sacks with better coverage and more concentrated effort on the part of the defensive front, making the ability of the quarterback to escape the run an acceptable risk.  If the Bears had better pass rushers, such a risky strategy wouldn’t be necessary.  As it stands, they are only 18th in the league in sacks and with few talented blitzers, they haven’t been able to closing the gap.

Until the Bears get better talent on the defensive side of the ball, they have to do what they have to do to get more pressure on the quarterback while making necessary sacrifices.

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