Should Bears fans Really Be Worrying About Losing Luke Getsy Already?

Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune answers your questions.

If Luke Getsy does well and gets a head coaching gig in 2023, do the Bears have a Plan B? — @bbshooks

If Getsy is hired elsewhere as a head coach in 2023 — and the Denver Broncos interviewed him for the job that went to Nathaniel Hackett — it would be a great development for the Bears. That would mean Fields had a huge season and took a major step forward to prove he is the franchise quarterback. Face it: If Fields is so-so this season, that won’t do a ton for Getsy’s stock as a potential head coach. But if Fields puts together a really good season with the state of the offensive line and talent at wide receiver, that would make Getsy a commodity. It would be a blow for the Bears to lose Getsy to another team after one season, but he would be leaving with the offense turned around and the quarterback playing well. I know it sounds counterintuitive to say the best thing that could happen to the Bears is if Getsy is hired as a head coach elsewhere, but I truly believe that. As far as a replacement, quarterbacks coach Andrew Janocko will have a big hand in the development of Fields and has coached a variety of offensive positions.

Questions like this amuse me. Fans can’t wait to jump ahead and worry about losing a coach or a player literally before we know anything about them. Why don’t we wait and see what happens during the season before we start worrying about stuff like this? Isn’t there enough to worry about already?

Having said that, I have always said that one reason to hire an offensive head coaches that you can’t lose him if he turns out to be any good. But, in theory, good head coaches for the long haul, and John Harbaugh is the guy that always comes to mind when I think that, can identify good coordinators and good coaches for their staff. In fact, I would say finding those guys is probably at least half of their job. And is probably the most important part. So really, this comes down to how good of a head coach Matt Eberflus will turn out to be.

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