This site is dedicated to news, information and opinions about the Chicago Bears.

The driving philosophy behind the content here is to use reports from reliable news sources as a base for generating thoughts and opinions. These are most often extrapolations from the reports. As a result, most posts start with a link to and a quote from some news source and the opinions expressed here, though often speculative, do at least start with some basis in facts coming from a reporter who is on the spot. You should generally be able to follow my line of reasoning though, if you are like most Bears fans, I think you’ll find that you often disagree.

Which brings me to my second point. Comments are not only welcome, but encouraged. There’s no advertising, there’s no money and there’s really only one reason to run a blog like this – to supply fodder to start conversations about the Bears. That’s where the real joy in watching pro football comes from for most of us. If all you ever do is listen to yourself talk, the odds are good you aren’t learning much.

About me:

My name is Tom Shannon. I live in Chicago and, literally, within site of Soldier Field. I, therefore, have to look almost daily at the horrible abomination it has become (on the outside). Such is life. I’m not an architect so no one asked my opinion when they put the great compromise up.

I am, in fact, a research scientist and I teach medical students by trade. So I do work for a living. For now.

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