Players Agree Not to File a Collusion Claim. For Now. Joy.

In what he claims is a “somewhat positive sign”, Aaron Wilson writes that the players won’t be filing a collusion claim right now for the National Football Post:

“‘The NFL & NFLPA have agreed to extend the deadline for the players’ to file a collusion claim,’ the statement said. ‘This agreement does not prevent the NFLPA from filing a collusion claim at future date. We are continuing to work toward a new CBA that will be good for players, owners and fans.'”

Well, I will say this.  At least we won’t have to hear about one more nuisance filing by the union aimed at pressuring the owners into an agreement – even though it won’t work.

The NFLPA has been screaming for months that how a lockout is coming.  So now what does the union do?  Scream that they couldn’t possibly have simply believed what the believed what the players said.  If that’s kind of logic that they are using at the bargaining table, we all might as well stop planning for a 2011 season now.

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