Bears Hold Tice Back from Advancement

Both Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune and Sean Jensen at the Chicago Sun-Times report that the Bears have officially denied the Titans permission to talk to Mike Tice about their offensive coordinator position.  Biggs points out the major difficulty:

“But it becomes a delicate situation when teams prevent assistants from exploring a chance for advancement. No one wants to work in an environment where they feel like opportunities for personal growth are not respected.”

I understand the situation.  Unlike players, teams make a commitment to their assistant coaches by giving them guaranteed contracts.  They expect to get a return on that commitment.  Bob LeGere at the Daily Herald gives other good reasons to deny the Titans permission to interview Tice here.

Having said that, I find this decision to be disappointing.  When Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy held quarterbacks coach Tom Clements back from interviewing for the Bear offensive coordinator position last offseason, I naively thought the Bears were better than that.  Apparently not.

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