New Energy Drink “Tastefully Done” and Other Points of View


“[Cutler] is financially secure and head strong. It’s probably too late for him to make a radical change. And the truth is he usually gets the ball where he wants it to be despite bad mechanics. The bigger issue with Cutler is getting him to make better decisions about where he wants the ball to go.”

I would say that decision making is a big issue.  But if Cutler doesn’t improve his mechanics he’ll never be a consistent passer and we’ll be seeing a lot more performances like the NFC title game.  Assuming Pompei is right, and I think he is, Cutler is wasting his talent.  That’s a terrible shame.

  • Larry Mayer at points out that Edwin Williams could be the Bears center of the future.  I admit that I’d forgotten about him.  He’s got size and he was a center in college.
  • Vaughn McClure at the Tribune has a source that claims the Bears placed a low tender on backup quarterback Caleb Hanie.  This means the Bears can match an offer to Hanie but will get no compensation if he is signed elsewhere.  It will be interesting to see if the rest of the league has higher opinion of Hanie than offensive coordinator Mike Martz and the Bears do.


“If a player is not playing in 80% of the snaps, then you cannot take him in the first rounds or pay him elite money. This is why Running Backs are seldom taken in the 1st Round anymore. And many Linebackers, too. If you are not an every down player, then we cannot pay you and have enough cash to go around.”

I think this deserves a full blog entry at some point as it applies to the Bears.

I’m torn by this.  On the one hand, its nice to see that money isn’t everything to Rogers.  On the other, you’d like to see that translate into a desire to make your current team into a champion.  Otherwise you end up like the situation in the NBA where there are a handful of good teams with the best players while the others suffer.

One Final Thought

Pompei, again, putting things in perspective as he answers fan questions:

“Why don’t the Bears move to the NFC West? And maybe to another town? Enough’s enough. The whole organization is beyond repair. — SportsGal, Chicago

“I’m not sure what planet you are coming from SportsGal. But in the world I live in, when you make it to the final four in a 32-team league, that means you are a little better than ‘beyond repair.'”

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