Mike McCarthy Is Not the Genius I Thought He Was and Other Points of View


“The Bears did it by changing Peppers’ $10.5 million roster bonus into a signing bonus so they could prorate that $10.5 million over the life of the contract, which runs through 2015. The restructuring should give the team options once free agency finally begins, while allowing the team to re-sign some of its own free agents.”

Obviously the Bears wanted this initially in the form of a roster bonus so they wouldn’t have to pay it if Peppers had less impact than expected last season.  Now that they know that’s not the case, they can pay it and simultaneously spread the cap hit out.

In fairness to Mullin, you could argue that Martz single handedly destroyed the Rams with his personnel moves.


  • ESPN‘s NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert points out that with the resigning of A.J. Hawk,  the Packers have a glut at linebacker.  This gave them leverage but now that the negotiation is over, something is likely to have to give.  It sounds like Nick Barnett might be the odd man out.
  • Judd Zulgad at the Minneapolis Star Tribune says that the Vikings have failed to offer a tender to Tarvaris Jackson, making him a free agent.  Wise move.  No one knows what the Vikings answer at quarterback is going to be but I think its safe to say Jackson, who was wildly inconsistent, wasn’t it.
  • Philip Zaroo at mlive.com gets points to originality but little else as he argues that a lockout would be a good thing.
  • For those of you who still care to read anything other than “We’ve come to a settlement”, here’s Michael Silver‘s rather optimistic report at Yahoo Sports which details the goings on yesterday behind the scenes.

One Final Thought

OK, maybe there’s hope for Bears fans after all:

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