A Couple Quick Notes

Just a few quick items of information:

I’m back from my time off from the site.  I usually try to post at least one item every day.  However, I’ve been posting on and off for the last few weeks.

First I took a ten day vacation with the family on a cruise ship.  Anyone who has been on these ships knows that Internet access costs an arm and a leg. The vacation was followed almost immediately by a week one business trip for my real job.

Collecting all of the information that goes into posts for the site usually means more or less getting up at 2 AM for me.  This is OK when I’m at home in Chicago and can go to bed early.  However, when I’m on the road I often don’t have that choice nor do I have the option of gutting it out by walking around like a zombie for 24 hours. So posting during those times is sporadic at best.

Fortunately those trips are over for a while – probably until at least July.  Unfortunately these trips appear to have ended just in time for a labor stoppage.

Which brings me to my second point.  If you are looking for a lot of posts on this situation, don’t bother.  They won’t be here.  Except as they affect the every day business of the league in the offseason, I will have no comment.  And you certainly won’t see me taking sides since, as a fan, I dislike them both.  As Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune put it this morning, “If you’re unhappy with the situation, spend your money accordingly.”

Beyond that, please enjoy the posts,

Tom Shannon

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