Daring the NFL to Disappear

Here’s a heaping load of truth brought to you courtesy of Dan McNeil, writing for the Chicago Tribune:

“You don’t need the NFL. You only think you do.”

“I’m daring the NFL to disappear.”

So am I.

I’m old enough to have been around for the last NFL labor stoppage.  You know what happened?  I found other things to do on Sunday afternoon.  So did millions of others.  And that’s what will happen if NFL games are lost due to a lockout.

As much as I enjoy the NFL, I’m not too worried about missing it.  In fact, I’m very ambivalent and I find myself growing more so every day as I consider the big picture.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’ll still be blogging and I’ll be waiting.  But I’m going to guess that many casual fans are going to find that life without professional football isn’t a big deal.  If that doesn’t scare the NFL, both players and owners, it should.

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