Mikel Leshoure in the First Round? I Doubt It But…

Brad Biggs, writing for The National Football Post, quotes Illinois running back Mikel Leshoure:

“I think in the NFL now days you need a tandem.  One power back taking 20, 30 carries a game, that adds up over the years. Usually, people are going with two backs. I wouldn’t be surprised if a team with a star back now was to scoop me up.”

Bears running backs coach Tim Spencer spent quite a bit of time talking to Leshoure before his pro day at Illinois and you have to wonder if they aren’t thinking about Chester Taylor‘s role in the offense as they evaluate him.  Not many teams need running backs this year and if Jerry Angelo really believes Leshoure is far and away the best player available when the Bears pick, its not beyond the realm of possibility that he’d take him.

Most people think the team should draft along the line of scrimmage.  Though I personally have an open mind, I think taking Leshoure in the first round would be a wonderful way to piss off most of Chicago Bear fandom.

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