Is Alec Ogletree Worth the Risk?

Dan Pompei at the Chicago Tribune answers your questions:

Don’t you think the Bears will be worried about character concerns with Alec Ogletree? —@TCBullfrog, from Twitter

“Yes I do. I think 31 other teams will be as well.  But that doesn’t man Ogletree won’t be a first round draft pick.  Ogletree reportedly failed a drug test and was subsequently suspended by Georgia for four games. He also has been arrested for misdemeanor theft and driving under the influence. A team could look past one of those incidents and justify it a lot easier than it can look past and justify three of them…  Given Ogletree’s past, there is no question taking him involves risk.  Giving Ogletree’s ability, the potential reward could outweigh that risk. The issue is at what point of the draft will taking that risk make sense.”

I, personally, would be excited to see Ogletree become a Bear.  At their position in the first round, he would be a steal.  Given the Brandon Marshall trade, I’d say general manager Phil Emery is more of a gambler than most in this regard.  Ownership is unlikely to get involved – unless Ogletree does something stupid.  Then it won’t be just him who is paying the price.

I’d say if he were to still be there at #20 overall, the Bears would take him.

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