Is Gabe Carimi a Failed Right Tackle?

Another good question for Dan Pompei from the Chicago Tribuune:

Is Gabe Carimi destined to become the next Chris Williams — a first round “left tackle” who couldn’t play either tackle position and had to be switched inside to save his career? I don’t think there’s any way Carimi beats out both J’Marcus Webb and Jonathan Scott at right tackle. David Jones, East St. Louis

“As it stands now, it’s looking more like Carimi’s best chance will be at guard rather than right tackle.  You can’t have a three-man competition for a starting spot and give all three players an equal shot.  My hunch is Marc Trestman and Aaron Kromer will let Webb and Scott battle it out at right tackle and move Carimi to guard at the start.  The way the roster is now, Carimi is needed more at guard than tackle.  None of this means Carimi won’t eventually end up back at tackle though.  I still think he has the ability to play right tackle at a pretty high level in the NFL if he can get his legs back.  In fact, he could still be moved to tackle this year even if he starts out at guard.  For that to happen, both Webb and Scott would have to disappoint.”

I’ll leave aside the fact that Carimi probably wasn’t drafted to be a left tackle.

I don’t have any big problems with Scott other than that he’s not the most athletic of linemen.  But the thought of J’Marcus Webb starting at right tackle worries me.  Webb’s problem isn’t athletic ability.  It’s his lack of concentration and consistency.  That seems to be unlikely to get better on the right side.

I’d just as soon seem Carimi at right tackle if his knee is healthy.  Here’s hoping the Bears haven’t given up on him at the position too soon.

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