A Man’s Got to Know His Limitations

Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune writes about the possibility that the Bears will start two rookies, Jordan Mills and Kyle Long, on the right side of the offensive line. This quote from offensive cooridnator Aaron Kromer stood out as being odd:

“’There are a lot of good players picked late in drafts, and the biggest key is if a guy knows his limitations,’ Kromer said. ’If a guy is smart enough to know what he can’t do, he can be effective at what he can do. That’s the No. 1 thing a young guy has to learn. What you physically can’t do, don’t put yourself in that position.’”

What, exactly, are the limitations that Kromer is thinking of in this case? Is he talking about Long or Mills (more likley) or both? Or is talking about seventh round pick J’Marcus Webb?

Teams do limited game planning in pre-season game 3. Whether its this week or the season opening week, it will be interesting to see what happens when other teams try to take advantage of this situation.

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