Expect a Different Offensive Style Against the Steelers

Bears head coach Marc Trestman talks about the Steelers 3-4 defense, contrasting it with the type of 4-3 defense the Bengals and Vikings prefer. Via Patrick Finley at the Chicago Sun-Times:

“’They’re not playing their front to rush the passer and defend the run on the way to the quarterback,’ Trestman said. ‘They’re rushing the passer to stop the run — and they’re doing it with internal blitzes and people coming from different levels, which makes it harder to one-on-one block.’”

“It also makes a draw play less dangerous because defensive linemen aren’t always selling out to sack the quarterback.

“Expect to see more power running from the Bears than when they faced the cover-2 defenses of the Bengals and Vikings the first two weeks.”

Noted. We’ll see if they can execute it on Sunday night.

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