Point Well Taken

Steve Rosenbloom at the Chicago Tribune makes a good point:

“Maybe it’s me, but when Bears general manager Phil Emery says that new Bears linebacker Shea McClellin was the team’s best ‘pass disruptor’ when he played defensive end, everyone looks stupid.”

“He’s still trying to defend his first Bears draft choice, but if he’s so proud of McClellin’s pass disruptions and if pass disruptions are so important, then why is he moving McClellin to linebacker?”

Rosenbloom isn’t the only one that found some odd comments in Emery’s appearance at the combine.  Hub Arkush also did a pretty good job of pointing out some of the weird things that Emery let slip out of his mouth at the press conference there as well.

The relative degree of openness that the current Bears leadership has displayed has been a breath of fresh air when compared to the last regime and its been much appreciated.  But I’m thinking maybe its time for Emery to rein it in a little now.

2 thoughts on “Point Well Taken”

  1. Maybe this is the Columbo methodology. Saying stupid shit and not being taken seriously…..looking like an idiot while being very calculated and competent? I hope that is it….. And I don’t care what Bloviating Assbag Hub Arkush has to say on anything!

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