Mark Sanchez May Be Right for the Bears. Later.

John Mullen at addresses the question of whether Mark Sanchez is in the Bears’s future:

“The unknown is whether the Bears may take a flyer on Sanchez because [quarterback coach MattCavanaugh knows him from New York, or take a pass for precisely the same reason: because Cavanaugh knows him from New York.

“[General manager PhilEmery did leave the door decidedly unlocked for a Sanchez or reasonable facsimile thereof:

“At some point we’ll probably bring in a bunch of veterans after this wave of free agency—this first and second wave—and we take a look at who’s still looking for an opportunity,” Emery said this month, “and we’ll bring them in and we’ll try them out and we may sign another one.’”

The Bears is will be in the market for a young, developmental quarterback. However whether Sanchez fits that description is debatable. Sanchez is only 27 years old.   However he will be 30 years old three years from now at the effective end of Jay Cutler’s seven year contract. That may be a couple years older then the Bears would like.

It would be interesting to see what head coach Mark Trestman and Cavanaugh could do with Sanchez and they could develop him for a years or two, then trade him for a draft pick as the Packers were known to do for many years as they developed backups to Brett Favre. Nevertheless I’m inclined to believe that they would rather find a younger quarterback later in the draft. If they don’t find one (as happened let year) then I think that a veteran like Sanchez may be an option if he comes cheaply.

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