Who Was the Most Important Signing So Far?

Pro Bowl linebacker Lance Briggs visited the NFL Network and talked Bears [link].

Amongst his comments, I can completely agree with his statements regarding the signing of cornerback Charles Tillman.  Briggs said he was “the happiest man in Chicago” when Tillman resigned.  If that’s true, I wasn’t far behind.

I understand the Bears drive to get younger on defense but, unlike the other veteran players who have left the Bears over the past month, Tillman possesses one totally unique characteristic that would literally be impossible to replace.  You can find other, younger cornerbacks who can do a good job in both man-to-man and zone coverages.  But you’ll never find another cornerback anywhere who generates turnovers the way Tillman does.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  I doubt very much that we’ll ever see anything like it again.  I’m personally grateful for the opportunity to watch Tillman do his magic for at least another year.

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