Are Willie Young and Lamar Houston Still Recovering?

Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune answers more your questions:

“Now that the trade deadline has passed do you see the Bears parting ways with Willie Young or Lamarr Houston and giving their reps elsewhere? — @sly034

“There aren’t any exciting outside linebackers on the street right [now]. As unproductive as Sam Acho has been as a starter opposite Pernell McPhee, is shows you what the coaching staff thinks of Young and Houston at this point. But getting rid of them right now doesn’t necessarily improve the roster and it also doesn’t save the Bears any money.”

I would add that both Young and Houston are recovering injuries. These frequently take more than a year to completely heal, particularly knee injuries like the top Lamar Houston.  The recovery of former Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris comes to mind as a comparison.

It’s possible that the Bears are biding their time with both of these men. As Biggs points out, there’s not much out there anyway and you can always release them later if they don’t get better.

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