Is Hard Knocks Possible for the Bears?

Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune answers your questions:

“Is it too early to nominate Da Bears for next season’s edition of ‘Hard Knocks?’ — @TraderjoeyG

“You can nominate them all you want but unless there has been a dramatic reversal of thinking at Halas Hall, the Bears will do everything in their power to stay out of that spotlight come August.”

Truth. But will that be enough?

HBO and the NFL would prefer that someone volunteer for this duty. But what if no one volunteers?

The Bears are a guaranteed ratings winner and nothing demonstrates that more than the fact that they are on this Monday night – and on Thanksgiving – despite the fact that they are completely irrelevant this year.

Yes, the McCaskey’s don’t want to do Hard Knocks – nor should they. I have to believe that it would be a huge distraction no matter what anyone says to the contrary. But they are still team players and my gut tells me that HBO would crawl from New York to Chicago on their knees to get them on. If the NFL appears to be in a bind and they ask, the team might say yes.

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