Thinking About Where We Are in Terms of Where We’re Going

Steve Rosenbloom at the Chicago Tribune reflects my thoughts exactly after the Bears loss to the Broncos Sunday at Soldier Field:

“[I]t’s hard to get mad about losing to a better Broncos team with the league’s top defense.

“It’s even hard for me to get mad at [quarterback Jay] Cutler for his regularly scheduled interception and sack-strip. It’s what he does an average of once a game, even if that truth runs counter to other people’s happy storyline.

“But hey, at least he’s not doing it in a Super Bowl season.

“This should be one of those times when you stop, breathe, and remind yourself to chill because it’s going to get better, and probably without a lot of the guys you were watching, maybe even Cutler.”

I know it’s frustrating watching the Bears lose. But they were so badly out-manned by the Broncos that it took a game played so cleanly that the Bears had no penalties to just keep it close.

People need to tone down their expectations for this team. When they play good teams with more talent, they’ll always have a chance to win. But only if the other team plays a bad game. That especially goes for Green Bay Thursday where the Bears are eight point dogs in a divisional matchup. Realistically, all you can do at this point is just relax and hope that the talent gap doesn’t show too badly in a blow out loss. If the Bears keep playing like they are, it won’t. But even if it does, try not to be too upset. It’s time to stop thinking about wins and to start thinking about the future.

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