Catching Up with Lamarr Houston

Patrick Finley at the Chicago Sun-Times catches up with linebacker Lamarr Houston:

“After he completed his comeback season but before he went overseas to train — in Turkey, of all places — Lamarr Houston met with his Bears bosses.

“‘They were very happy what I did, and they were very impressed and pleased, especially coming off the [knee} surgery,’ Houston said this week. ‘They were encouraged and they’re looking forward to next year — in starting to develop our game plan, to build throughout the offseason and have a final product at the beginning of the season.

“‘It’s really encouraging and exciting.'”

I’m glad the Bears are being patient with Houston. Given that his salary isn’t guaranteed, there’s no reason to rush to make a decision to keep him on the roster next year or let him go.

Although they often came in garbage time when the whole stadium knew that the other team had to pass from behind, Houston finished strong with seven sacks in the last nine weeks of the season. Given that these knee injuries often take a year to fully heal, there’s a reasonable chance that Houston will be very productive this year and it’s to the Bears advantage to keep him around and see what he looks like.

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