It Takes Two to Tango

Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune answers yet another of your questions:

“With the draft being so deep on the defensive line, do you think Ryan Pace is hoping to potentially move down from No. 11 to get more picks?

“Unless you are sitting at the top of the draft like the Titans, I don’t know that you look to the draft saying, ‘What can we possibly do to trade down and add picks?’ Yes, the draft is deep on defensive linemen but at the same time the Bears roster is thin on playmakers and trading down in the first round is going to make it more difficult to land an impact player. Yes, you would pick up some additional picks later in the draft but the Bears need quality, impact players that are ready to start. If Pace likes a cluster of players that could be available around No. 11, I think for sure he would consider moving down a few slots.”

I think every team looks to trade down if the situation if right. What makes it difficult is that you need another team that wants to trade up. That’s why it’s tough to engineer these kinds of trades, especially in the first round. Another team has to fall in love with one player to the point that they are willing to give up draft picks to get him. Most smart teams know that, ordinarily, doing that is a mistake and some GMs train themselves to actively avoid the tendency, letting the draft “come to them” and taking what’s available when their turn pops up.

I don’t see a player that’s so good that another GM couldn’t resist trading up being available at number 11 when the Bears pick. I’d be surprised if they trade down.

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