How Much Money Per Position Will the Bears Invest?

Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune answers your questions:

“How do you see Bears allocating their money in free agency in terms of positions? — @VIP0122

“I think you’re best looking at free agency as a puzzle where general manager Ryan Pace is seeking the best combination of players. It’s not how much money they’re going to sink into each position but what kind of collection of players they can add at a variety of positions – defensive line, linebacker, cornerback, safety, right guard and tight end (in no particular order)… You’re looking for a package of players when it’s all said and done and the process is going to be very fluid.”

I’m going to say that the answer to this question is simple. As Biggs says, it’s not the amount of money at each position. They’re going to look at the list of free agents as a whole and shop for value. the determining factor is going to be money for projected performance regardless of position.

I wouldn’t be looking for the Bears to break the bank on anyone but the only real restriction I see will be age – I can’t imagine they’ll be shelling out much money over multiple years for any player over the age of 30. That makes no sense when you are a long way from a Super Bowl. But dollars per position probably won’t be a factor.

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