Where is the Competition at Offensive Tackle?

John Mulllin at CSNchicago.com reviews the state of the offensive line ahead of training camp:

“The operative Bears word was “competition” throughout the offseason within every position group. With that mantra came turnover, and of the 14 offensive linemen presently on the Bears roster, exactly four were under Bears contract this time last year, and only one of those finished the 2015 season at the position he currently occupies. Of the 14, only one is older than 27, and that one (guard Ted Larsen) just turned 29.”

Truth.  And, the Bears did try to deliver.  For instance, by bringing in Larsen, and drafting Cody Whitehair, the Bears increased the competition at right guard and center. If the now retired center Manny Ramirez had stuck around, the competition would be even more intense.

But where is the competition at tackle?

Bobby Massie (RT)
Charles Leno (LT)

Nick Becton
Adrian Bellard
Nate Chandler
Cornelius Edison
John Kling
Martin Wallace
Jason Weaver
Donovan Williams

So who, of this group, is going to step up and provide competition at offensive tackle for Bobby Massie and Charles Leno?  Hell, which of them even qualities to be the swing tackle?

My initial thought was the Bears were counting on Tayo Fabuluje to step up and perhaps try to take a starting job.  But though Fabuluje had the physical talent, apparently he didn’t have what it took mentally to make the grade and he was waived the offseason.

It is always possible that one of the “others” above will step up and impress in training camp.  The Bears need to hope so if they truly believe that competition at the various positions that they need to man is the way to getting better.

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