Talking Tantalizing Tayo Fabuluje

Yeah, I know.  The title.  I stink at titles.

Anyway, Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune is kind enough to answer a question from this ignorant blogger:

“Competition seems to be intense at guard with the acquisition of Ted Larsen and Manny Ramirez. But not so much at tackle where Charles Leno and Bobby Massie seem to be penciled in with little behind them at the moment. True, the draft is still ahead of us. But is part of it that the Bears anticipate that Tayo Fabuluje will take a step up and provide competition for a job this summer? Is it possible he’ll win one? – Tom S., Chicago

“You make a good point and the Bears are no doubt expecting more from Fabuluje this summer. He was not in adequate shape when training camp opened last year and then missed time during the season with a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs. In a perfect world, Fabuluje can be the swing tackle. I don’t that they’re going to get there with him this season. It’s possible but it could take some more time. Let’s remember he was a sixth-round draft pick from TCU. I think he’s probably best suited at right tackle and don’t know if he has the feet and agility to play on the left side. Maybe I’m wrong and he’ll certainly be worth watching in training camp. I’d bet the Bears look to add a tackle at some point in the draft (earlier than sixth round) or see what kind of veteran possibilities there are to compete as a swing tackle after the draft. Fabuluje is definitely worth keeping an eye on entering Year 2.”

I might be exaggerating this but I think (pre-draft) that what Fabuluje does this summer might be the most interesting issue of training camp along with how wide receiver Kevin White performs.

Fabuluje has very quick feet for a guy that big (6’6″, 353 lb). Are they quick enough to fill the right tackle position? Very hard to say. It may be a bad assumption to make but I expect a guy with that size to be able to run block naturally. I also can imagine guys rushing quarterback Jay Cutler and being engulfed in that bulk. If he can pass protect, he’ll be a fascinating prospect.

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