Bears Can Afford Not to Resign Montgomery. But They Should.

Dan Pompei at The Athletic gives his comments on the Bears Texas games Sunday.

Running back David Montgomery’s performance one week ago was an argument that he belongs in the Bears’ long-term plans. Khalil Herbert’s performance Sunday was an argument that the Bears can afford to let Montgomery sign elsewhere.

They can afford it. But they shouldn’t do it.

Teams like the Bears need two running backs. In fact, the injury to Montgomery during the game shows you exactly why that is true. And right now Tristan Ebner has not shown that he can carry the load is a second bag.

Can you always draft a new running back? You can. Very easyily. However, who wants to use a draft pick to fill a hole that you created by not signing your own player? One that you already know is good?

It would be different if we expected Montgomery to draw an excessively high salary. But that should not be the case. Assuming that the market demands that he receive a salary commensurate with the average NFL running back, I see no reason at the moment why the Bears wouldn’t want to try to resign him.

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