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Geno Smith: A Case of Misdirected Anger, Misdirected Hope

Jets quarterback Geno Smith (above, left) on getting his jaw broken in a fight over a $600 debt with another player. “‘I’m extremely [angry],’ Smith told Newsday in the Jets locker room Wednesday. ‘But I have to keep my temper … Continue reading

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The Bears Roster and the Ravages of Time

Hub Arkush at puts the average NFL career in perspective with a very thought provoking column: “What are youth and middle age in the NFL today? “The NFL Players Association loves to promote the idea of the average career … Continue reading

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Seattle Offensive Line a Serious Liability as Seahawks May Be in Decline

Sam Monson at Pro Football Focus reviews the performance of the Seattle Seahawks offensive line against the Rams. This observations match what I see: “The Seattle offensive line combined to surrender three sacks, one hit and 12 additional hurries, and … Continue reading

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Get Over Yourself, Pacman

Cincinnati cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones was fined $35,000 for ripping the helmet off of Oakland receiver Amari Cooper and slamming his head into it on Sunday. Jones plans to appeal responding, “It’s magnified because it’s me.” A couple points: This … Continue reading

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Stuck in the Middle

Patrick Finley at the Chicago Sun-Times answers your questions: @patrickfinley @adamjahns @Suntimes How long before the bears switch out the inside LBs — Trey Leonard (@TreyKLeonard1) September 15, 2015 “A: For who? Neither second-year player Lamin Barrow, who had been … Continue reading

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In a Rush to See the Bears Do It to the Passer

Steve Rosenbloom at the Chicago Tribune is excessively tough on the Bears in his Tuesday column. But one thing that he had spot on was the disturbing lack of pass rush Sunday: “This is, what, Tuesday, and the Bears still … Continue reading

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Bears Waive David Fales, Expect Him on the Practice Squad

The Chicago Bears waived David Fales on Tuesday, another indication that they are fully confident in Jimmy Clausen’s health after he sustained a concussion in the Bears last preseason game. Its unlikely at this point that anyone will pick up Fales, a … Continue reading

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Ups and Downs for Those Bucs/Titans Fans

For those Buccaneers fans jumping off bridges after week one because your team chose Jameis Winston, I come bearing good news: The last quarterback to throw a pick six on his first NFL pass? Brett Favre. Oh. And lest you think … Continue reading

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Bears May Try to Use the Cardinals Aggressiveness Against Them

Kent Somers at the Arizona Republic tells us what the Bears next opponent, the Arizona Cardinals did and didn’t do well against the Saints on Sunday: “The Saints used the Cardinals’ aggressiveness against them. Quarterback Drew Brees continually hit running … Continue reading

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Bears Wide Receivers Need to Step Up for Offensive Season to Be a Success

Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune is spot on with this comment: “If the Bears want to continue to have success running the ball, they’re going to have to find a way to open up the passing game downfield. Yes, … Continue reading

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