Miami Dolphins in Desperate Need of Change

Armando Salguero at the Miami Herald sees what I see when I watch the Dolphins:

“Why are the Dolphins asking [5-10 cornerback Brent Grimes] to do these things?

“Last Sunday, after it was clear to everyone in the stadium [Jets wide receiver Brandon] Marshall was winning [one-on-one against Grimes], why didn’t the Dolphins change things a bit. I mean, that 3-yard TD in which Marshall basically boxed out Grimes in the end zone in one-on-one coverage was predictable to everyone in the stadium the second the offense and defense lined up.

“It is a coach’s job to put a player in a position to succeed. Grimes was not put in a position to succeed there.”

“Compare Grimes to Jamar Taylor who has given up touchdown after touchdown, completion after completion, to the point he’s been benched. That should be and is a bigger concern because while Grimes wins much of the time, Taylor wins very infrequently.

“Compare that to safety Walt Aikens who has blown more coverages and given up more plays than anyone else in the Dolphins secondary this season. He’s benched now, too.”

“That is the bigger concern than a 5-10 guy predictably losing to a 6-4 guy. One-half of the secondary is simply not good enough to even be on the field. And that half is supposed to be the future.”

“Maybe instead of worrying about replacing [Grimes], everyone might want to think about putting him in better positions to succeed.”

Couldn’t agree more. I watch the Dolphins play and my first thought is, “That coaching staff has to go.”

Could it be that the talent wasn’t as good as we thought it was at the beginning of the year? Probably. But I don’t think we were that far off and the guess here is that its the coaching staff isn’t getting it done. They aren’t developing the talent. And they aren’t putting that talent in the best position to succeed. And after ownership tears the house down they aren’t going to have jobs next season.

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