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Eagles-Packers Illustrate the Bears Long-Term Predicament

Neil Hayes at the Chicago Sun-Times elegantly drives what is perhaps the most important point for Bear fans about today’s Packers-Eagles matchup home: If the Eagles beat the Packers in today’s NFC wild-card game at Lincoln Financial Field, they will … Continue reading

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Thoughts of Bears Game Drives Jets Sanchez to Win Over Colts and Other News

Bears Dan Pompei at the Chicago Tribune reports that Mike Martz was actually the one who wanted the timeout that eliminated Chester Taylor‘s third down conversion play last week. Matt Willimason from Scouts Inc. underrates the Bears linebackers. Williamson also … Continue reading

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Bears Doing a Better Job of Hiding the Defensive Alignment This Year

Vaughn McClure at the Chicago Tribune interviews Brian Urlacher: “Others might call the Bears’ Cover-2 defense predictable, but Urlacher thinks it’s simply pretty darn good. “‘If we’re so predictable, then we shouldn’t be in the playoffs,’ he said. ‘If you look around … Continue reading

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Fans Should Be Careful What They Wish For

Mike Mulligan leads his article for the Chicago Sun-Times today with this: “Welcome to the upside-down world of the NFL playoffs, where even the most ardent of Bears fans will be cheering for the Green Bay Packers today. “If the Packers pull … Continue reading

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Steve Ross Really Doesn’t Get It

The other day, I wrote an entry entitled “Brian Urlacher Doesn’t Get It”.  Well, Urlacher’s got nothing on Dophins owner Steve Ross. Here is what Ross had to say about the botched attempt to hire Jim Harbaugh as head coach … Continue reading

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