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Brett Favre May Be Retiring But the Boys Aren’t Going Down Without a Fight and Other News

Bears Dan Pompei at the Chicago Tribune goes through what I thought was a key play in the game when Lovie Smith decided to go for it on fourth and 1 from the Packer 40 yard line.  With the defense … Continue reading

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Jay Cutler’s Situation Defines “Catch 22”

Joseph Heller, author of the famous book Catch 22, describes the essence of the no win situation that the books title has come to represent.  He does it in terms of the psychology of a bomber pilot, Orr, during World … Continue reading

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NFC Playoffs Will Be All About the Matchups

Analysts Kurt Warner and Trent Green agree that the Bears will want the Saints coming into Soldier Field rather than the Eagles (via Neil Hayes at the Chicago Sun-Times). “’With how well [the Bears] defense is playing, the Saints coming … Continue reading

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