Bears Doing a Better Job of Hiding the Defensive Alignment This Year

Vaughn McClure at the Chicago Tribune interviews Brian Urlacher:

Others might call the Bears’ Cover-2 defense predictable, but Urlacher thinks it’s simply pretty darn good.

“‘If we’re so predictable, then we shouldn’t be in the playoffs,’ he said. ‘If you look around the league — and most people don’t see the intricacies of each defense for every team — we don’t screw up a lot.”’

In fairness the Bears really aren’t that predictable anymore.  As has been pointed out by several good color commentators over the course of the season the Bears are disguising their converges more than they ever have this year.  They often start in the cover two but switch to a different defense right before the snap.  It’s yet another reason why the defense has been better this year.

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