What is in the Future for Guard Chris Williams?

Dan Pompei at the Chicago Tribune answers your questions.  This time he opines about the future of former tackle and current guard Chris Williams:

“Coming out of the draft all the talk was about how athletic Chris Williams was as a pass blocker, but how he lacked in finishing blocks particularly with the run. He was always projected as a future left tackle. Do you think that is still how scouts see Chris? Will the Bears leave Chris Williams at guard now, how has he progressed at that position? Do you believe the Bears will focus on acquiring interior linemen or tackles base on their greatest need?– Jesse Donini, Venice, CA

“Very interesting question. I don’t think the Bears have determined where Williams’ future lies. This will be an organizational decision made after much discussion during the offseason. He’s been OK at guard. Nothing special. Personally, I think he probably has more potential at tackle. What I would probably do is move Williams back to tackle in the offseason and have him compete with J’Marcus Webb on the right side. Then I’d bring in a guard who I’d be comfortable with as a starter. If need be, Williams could always be moved back to guard.”

I’ve got a feeling that Brad Biggs, also at the Tribune, has the right of this question.  Biggs characterized the move as “semi-permanent”.  You probably don’t move your future at tackle to guard unless you think he’s probably going to stay there.  Otherwise you leave him where he is and let him develop.  That obviously wasn’t happening with Williams – at least not fast enough to satisfy offensive line coach Mike Tice.

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