Marshall Faulk Doesn’t Think Much of the Bears Receivers and Other Points of View


“On spending the bulk of his career in the NFC Central: ‘Playing in the NFC Central, the old black-and-blue division, people really didn’t throw the ball. .?.?. It wasn’t the NFC East, where they threw the ball a lot, or the NFC West, where they threw the ball a lot. I could’ve gotten more opportunities, but you have to take advantage of what’s there.’’’

“But those of us who had the privilege to see Dent play every week don’t need statistics or honors to justify his place in the Hall.”

“But every time I see Johnny Knox run a slant he goes behind the defender and you see an interception go the other way and everyone looks at Jay Cutler and says, ‘How did he throw that pass?’ That is going to be a mistake no matter who the quarterback is.”

“I see no pure wideout. When we ran [Mike] Martz‘ offense in St. Louis we had three or four pure wideouts. … If you are still teaching that stuff to your wide receivers then in this offense you can’t blame the QB.”

  • Corey Wooton goes over goes over the getting off the ball in this YouTube video.

  • Dan Berstien and Terry Boers at WSCR in Chicago – Lovie Smith is a Liberian?


  • From Pro Football Weekly‘s Audibles.  This feature is a collection of anonymous quotes from NFL men around the league:

“Everyone got all excited about Michael Vick — and there was reason to be excited early — but if you look at how he finished the season, you see (that) teams started to figure out that if you make him play quarterback, he is not that good.  He’s not a great three-step, five-step, read-and-throw-to-the-open-receiver quarterback. And he takes more hits because he does not read it quickly. Look at the Indy game when (Colts MLB Gary) Brackett drills him. If his primary (receiver) is not there and he has to go through the thought process, he holds it for an extra second to second-and-a-half, and in this league, that is the difference between a  defender breezing by — like they do with Peyton Manning, barely touching him — or getting drilled. If I’m Michael Vick, I’m digging up every game that Steve Young played late in his career when he made his transformation, and I’m studying it.”

  • Death is not an option:  Carolina wins the Super Bowl or Big Foot is found in North Carolina.  From Tom Sorensen at the Charlotte Observer.
  • Joe Reedy at the Cincinnati Enquirer provides an update on the Carson Palmer situation.  Despite a change at offensive coordinator, Palmer apparently still wants out of Cincinnati.  And despite the owner stating that he won’t be traded he still apparently believes he will be.  He is selling his house.
  • Speaking of the Bengals, I can’t wait to see new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden run a West Coast style offense with a running back who flat out refuses to catch the ball out of the backfield.
  • Pat Williams says he’s done fighting the NFL over Star Caps.  Via Brian Murphy at the St. Paul Pioneer Press.
  • James Walker at reports that the Cleveland Browns have made some interesting roster cuts.  Included on the list of players is defensive tackle Shaun Rogers and former Bear – and Ram – offensive tackle John St. Clair.
  • The Sports Pickle thinks that the Packers Super Bowl title should be revoked over this video.  Sounds good to me.

One Final Thought

Mitchell quotes Dent further:

“I was very, very thirsty for (the Hall)… Once you play the game a certain way, people start telling you, ‘You know, you may have the opportunity to be in the Hall.’ A bunch of people don’t understand the (Hall) process. I don’t understand the process.”

“I was patient, didn’t care to call anybody out… My day has come.”

The video is from the Chicago Tribune website.

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