Analysts Continue to Pound on Draft Quarterback Debate

ESPN AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky and NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert debate: Who will have the bigger impact, Jake Locker or Christian Ponder. This factor in Locker’s favor caught my eye:

“Competition: Nobody gets an easy road, but if they are playing, Locker will be facing a much easier division. The Colts will be a prime contender in the AFC again. It’s unlikely the Jaguars or Texans are exceptionally threatening. Meanwhile, Ponder will be on the division’s worst team, facing the teams that played in the last NFC Championship Game and the Detroit Lions, who will be ranked by many (including me) as breakout candidates.”

A couple things:

  1. Its nice to see the NFC North getting some respect but that AFC South division looks tough enough to me.
  2. Hard not to notice that with the lockout going on in the absenc of any other real news, ESPN has decided to continue to pound on the draft quarterbacks story. This was over-hyped even before the draft. Now its just becoming intolerable.  There has to be more than this, even if its just speculating about free agents.

How desperate is the media getting?  We have this via Gregg Rosenthal at

“One stat from Tom Canavan of the Associated Press sums up the problem perfectly.

“He reports that seven New York Giants are present at Eli Manning’s loose “passing camp” at Hoboken High School on Wednesday.  And there are eleven reporters present to cover them.”

(Personal note:  Its kind of a good thing for this blog that things are slowing down with the lockout.  Those who check here regularly will note that the posts have been fewer lately.  This isn’t laziness on my part.  I’m afraid I have a real job and its picking up so I’m spending my early morning hours more on business, probably until the end of June.  I’ll try to keep posting a couple times a week until then.)

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