Vote Packers for Hard Knocks

Yes, we’re all getting desperate for offseason entertainment. is running a poll within each division to find out who the fans want to see on HBO’s Hard Knocks.  Today is the NFC North’s turn.

Now it may seem to most of you that the right thing to do is to vote for the Bears.  Don’t.  Vote for the Packers.  Because this looks to me like a great way to cause a huge training camp distraction, which is probably the reason why several teams have already turned down the opportunity.  There would be nothing worse for a young team that to have players who are already on top of the world get their egos stroked by putting them on television for a summer.  You could almost guarantee a let down to start the season.

Not that the poll actually counts for anything.  And not that the Packers would be stupid enough to let HBO do it.  But I’m willing to fool myself into taking anything seriously if it means fewer stories about lawyers and lockouts at this point.

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