A Few Comments on Last Night’s “Game”

I usually don’t write up game comments about pre-season games.  But I did find some interesting points:

  1. No surprise, I thought the defensive line played well.  I was particularly happy with Henry Melton. I haven’t been on his band wagon but if he plays like that, I’m going to be a big fan.  Those 40 extra pounds he’s put on over his time as a Bear look good on him.
  2. Its too bad we didn’t get to see Corey Wootton.  He’s another player who hasn’t impressed me in the past but who coaches have been raving about.  It would be wonderful to see him come through, too.
  3. Vernon Gholston and Amobi Okoye might make significant contributions this year.  They weren’t much of a gamble and what I saw yesterday makes me think they might help.
  4. Like everyone else, I think the offensive line needs work.  Roberto Garza was a bright spot in that, as far as I could tell, he played well.  I thought Carimi did a credible job given it was his first game.  Chris William‘s performance was unremarkable which I see as a good thing.  But J’Marcus Webb at left tackle was everything I feared he’d be and Lance Louis looks like he’s on the way to losing his job again.
  5. Marion Barber runs very hard and did a good job. But yards aren’t everything.  He also looks heavy legged and I really do wonder if he’s got enough left.  Honestly, the way he’s running reminds me of Cedric Benson his last year with the Bears, making me wonder if those legs aren’t right after the injuries.
  6. Line problems aside, the offense still isn’t running right. It looks like last year. Not… smooth? His time was limited but I don’t think Jay Cutler‘s throwing to spots like he’s supposed to (again).  We also saw last night why offensive coordinator Mike Martz isn’t thrilled with Caleb Hanie as the primary backup.  He definitely didn’t look good when he was asked to sit in the pocket and throw a pass greater than 8 yards. He looked confused and was holding the ball too long. Not that he had that much time to hold it… In any case if what we saw last night is typical, it’s pretty obvious they’re going to have to run heavily again this year if they don’t improve the passing attack.
  7. The Bears were motioning Devin Hester into the slot (where he belongs).

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