Not the Most Satisfactory of Responses

Dan Wiederer at the Chicago Tribune provides us with some weird quotes from Jay Cutler. For instance, here’s Cutler’s response to the return of Aaron Rogers to the field for the Packers this Sunday:

“I play offense.”

OK. But its a team game, right?

“It’s going to take all of us to win this game. This isn’t a personal game for anybody in that locker room. It’s all of us together.”

Then why was your response “I play offense”?

And finally, Wiederer ends with this:

“All of the Bears together will march on to a pretty big stage Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field with a playoff berth at stake. So with all that mixed together, does Cutler embrace such moments?

“‘You don’t get to choose,’ he said. ‘It is what it is. We’re in this situation. If it was different, we’d approach it the same way. We’re trying to win each and every game.’”

So, that’s not a “yes”.

I never felt worse about the Bears chances this Sunday than I do right now.

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