Defense Wins Championships?

Steve Rosenbloom at the Chicago Tribune compares the Bears defense to the Seahawks by claiming that there is no comparison:

“The more I watched the Seahawks defense in the Super Bowl, the more embarrassed I was for the Bears defense.

“The less hope I hold for the Bears defense next season, as well. And maybe the season after that.”

There were 767 words in this article. Rosenbloom talks about the linebackers, the safeties, the corners, the speed the athleticism, and the tackling. And the fact that the Bears need all of it. 767 words. And not one of them about the real reason why the Seahawks dominated the game – the linemen. The Seahawks rushed Peyton Manning and harried him all game. That drove everything else. Meanwhile on the other side of the ball Russell Wilson got a whole quarter of mediocre play to get comfortable as he got good protection and was able to use his mobility in the few instances where he had to extend the play.

Over and over again as I’ve listened to the post game analysis I’ve heard the mantra that “defense wins championships”. What a load of hooey. You want to win football games you do what the 49ers and the Seahawks did in the NFC West. You get strong at the line of scrimmage and you win it. That’s how you win football games whether its in the regular season or the playoffs. And that’s what the Bears have to do.

Its that simple.

One thought on “Defense Wins Championships?”

  1. Rosenbloom gets it. Balanced football teams win Championships, NOT offensive football teams, NOT defensive football teams. While a good portion of the rest of the media is pandering to the stupid, Rosenbloom nails it. Thank you Steve, you are a breath of fresh air in a field that is dominated by practitioners of excrement spreading.

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